Highlights from the 2021 legislative session on your behalf include: 


  • CalDerm successfully expanded and ensured appropriate use and reimbursement for telehealth services in California post-COVID. 2.0 will (likely) be part of the 2022 legislation.
  • CalDerm, in partnership with CMA, successfully improved the existing law that was passed in 2015 by speedily granting step therapy exceptions and making a pathway for appeals when health plans deny requests.
  • CalDerm opposed SB 447 that nibbles away at MICRA protections. This passing in 2021 is a concern to physicians as it opens an opportunity for a broader anti-MICRA bill to be brought forward on the November 2022 ballot.
  • CalDerm has lead the way for specialty organizations to mitigate the impact of AB 890, which will allow certain nurse practitioners to practice free of physical supervision and protocol starting January 1, 2023. CalDerm spent much of 2021 building coalitions and was successful getting a CalDerm member to chair the CMA's Scope of Practice Task Force, who is responsible for making the final recommendations to the Board of Nursing.
  • CalDerm over time has supported or sponsored more than a dozen pieces of legislation to ensure patients and the general public are aware of, and have access to, products and Dermatology services that prevent skin cancer.