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AB 1400 (Kalra) - Single-Payer Healthcare System

  • The proposed State Single-Payer Healthcare System will cost $300-$400 billion annuall in new revenues to pay for the program. At the moment (Jan 2022) the bill is conceptually coupled with ACA 1, a proposal to amend the state constitution to cover single-payer by raising payroll and excise taxes on businesses and income taxes on individuals earning more than $150,000 per year.
  • Read AB 1400 (Kalra) and ACA 11 (Kalra)

Why does this matter to dermatologists: 

  • If the bill passes AB 140 creates a nine-member panel (known as CalCare) that would develop California’s single-payer program. The panel includes no guaranteed representation for physicians.
  • Whatever its shortcomings, the current system of healthcare financing and delivery has evolved to cover almost all Californians regardless of geography, legal status, or demographic. Single-payer would cost more than the current system with absolutely no guarantee of improvements in quality or access. 
  • Indeed, the removal of all pricing, negotiation and other market mechanisms might inadvertently aggravate shortages and maldistribution in the healthcare workforce and thereby increase disparities in access and quality, perhaps especially in specialty care.

What can you do?

  • Contact your local elected-officials and ask them to oppose the bill. Enter your work or practice address here to find your local rep.
  • Stay informed, inform others, and support organizations like CalDerm.
  • Our voice is stronger in numbers --JOIN CALDERM to ensure our voice is stronger.

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