2022 CalDerm Fall Symposium Highlights

Friday, September 23

28 Clinical Pearls in 30 Minutes, 10:30am to 11:30am
Minelly Luu, MD and Patrick Lee, MD
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What's Hot In Pediatric Dermatology, 4:45pm
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Hidradentis Suppurativa: Treatment Insights, 4:45pm
Jan Smogorzewski, MD
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What's Hot In Cosmetic Dermatology, 5:00pm
Edward Victor Ross Jr., MD and Simon Madorsky, MD
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Updates in Coding and Practice Management, 5:00pm
Patrick Lee, MD
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Resident Presentation 1: Eczematous Dermatitis after Cord Blood Transplant Treated with IL-4/IL-13 Inhibitor Dupilumab, 5:00pm
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A Not So Hairy Situation: Managing the Challenges of Hair Loss Together, 5:00pm
Carolyn Goh, MD
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Minoxidil and Its Uses in Hair Loss, 5:00pm
Carolyn Goh, MD
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Resident Presentation 2: A Rare Case of Juvenile Hyalin Fibromaosis Requiring Multiple Surgical Excisions, 5:30pm
Anna-Marie Hosking, MD
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Instructive Cases from the Land of the Lincoln, 5:45pm
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Academics/Corporate Practice vs Private Practice: Compare & Contrast, 5:45pm
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Updates on the Management of Vascular Anomalies, 6:00pm
Dawn Zhang Eichenfield, MD, PhD
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"But I prefer something more natural": Herbals and Complementary Therapies for Psoriasis, 6:00pm
Nancy Anderson, MD
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Resident Presentation 3: No Fun in the Sun - A Challenging Case of Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis-like Acute Cutaneous Lupus, 6:00pm
Natalia Vecerek, MD
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Wound Repair- Practical Flaps and Beyond, 6:00pm
Simon Madorsky, MD
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Saturday, September 24

What's New and Hot in Psoriasis Management, 2:15pm
April Armstrong, MD, MPH
Managing Online Reputation, 2:15pm
Sandra Lee, MD
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Resident Presentation 4: Painful Plaques- Sorafenib Induced Hand, Foot, and Skin Reaction, 2:15pm
David S. Kirwin, MD
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Difficult Cases from the Rheum-Derm Clinic, 2:15pm
Stratos Christianakis, MD
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Updates on Managing Contact Dermatitis, 2:30pm
Brandon Adler, MD
Past, Current, and Future Trends in the Aesthetics "Injectables Field", 2:30pm
Steve Yoelin, MD
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Victor Newcomer, MD Memorial Lecture: Practical Practice Pearls, 2:30pm
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Updates in Skin Cancer, 2:30pm
Jennifer Hu, MD
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Resident Presentation 5: Recurrent, Polymorphous, Generalized Rash in a Girl, 2:30pm
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Controversies in Sunscreen, 2:30pm
Steven Wang, MD
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Sunday, September 25

Vitiligo 2.0, 10:30am
Pearl E. Grimes, MD
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What's New and Hot in Melanoma, 10:30am
Roger Lo, MD
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Update on Treatment of Melasma , 10:30am
Janiene Luke, MD
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Top Unmet Needs in Energy-based Devices in Dermatology, 10:45am
Edward Victor Ross Jr., MD
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Monday, September 26

Pearls on Managing Blistering Diseases, 10:30am
David Woodley, MD